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TM Synergia

Inspired by the Greek word “synergeia” («συνέργεια»), TM Synergia brings together your data, information, systems, processes and other resources into a powerful and flexible platform designed specifically for the maritime industry.

TM Orama

TM Orama is a state-of-the-art remote monitoring and performance optimization solution for the yachting industry. Our platform uses multidimensional sensors to collect and send data enabled by ship-to-shore connectivity.

TM Navigate

Your bridge management software with an integrated AVCS charts display module, giving full access to ECDIS.

TM Transfer

A best in class data synchronisation application that allows IT managers to configure, monitor and execute simultaneous file transfer tasks from a central location. Utilising its powerful scheduler, tasks can run automatically with no human intervention.

TM Cloud

Synchronise and share your files across multiple devices and teams. TM Cloud is a solution designed for high reliability, performance and productivity, giving you universal access to your files through a web interface.

TM Geneseas

More than just a “smartbox” TM Geneseas encompasses a wide range of possibilities specifically designed to suit the different needs of each fleet. From light embedded PC specifications to a full rackmount server setup, TM Geneseas does not compromise on functionality or performance.


The right ITSM solution for Remote Management & Monitoring of your vessels’ IT infrastructure.

A tool designed to increase efficiency by being proactive. It can be integrated, but not limited to our onboard server.

TM Mail

A cutting-edge email service designed for use in demanding remote environments, fully optimised for maritime. Airtime independent, so its operating system runs on both Linux & Windows providing more solutions for our customers. It also provides an Advanced Threat Potection (ATP).

TM AntiVirus

A comprehensive antivirus solution, optimised for the maritime market and designed to protect the vessel whilst minimising the impact on low bandwidth networks. TM Antivirus utilises the industry leading, well respected, endpoint antivirus solution from ESET.


The new TM AIS service comes as an add on to your existing TM Synergia subscription to provide you with an easy to install and use solution with enormous capabilities.