Up to 220 Mbps
Download Speed

Up to 40 Mbps
Upload Speed



High speed, low latency internet for the most remote waters across the world

As a leading global value-added connectivity solutions provider, Tototheo always looks to provide the best possible experience to our customers and their businesses. Our portfolio has now been bolstered by the addition of the Starlink service (LEO) which brings the same reliable, fast internet you expect from your home or office to even the most remote areas. Connect with up to 220 Mbps download speeds and low-latency service while at sea, air or land.

Connect to the Future

A game-changer for global connectivity

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Tototheo Maritime offers a next generation secure connectivity infrastructure combining satellite broadband with terrestrial networks, giving you the best of both worlds.


Starlink’s addition to the Tototheo extended connectivity solutions portfolio, ensures that you are always connected no matter where you are in the world. Enjoy reliable and secure connectivity with Tototheo’s flexible packages designed to suit your specific needs.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Experience the future of satellite internet connectivity with our TM Starlink Portal part of the Starlink ecosystem. We are dedicated to keeping our customers at the forefront of technology. Our portal provides unmatched control and customization, over their satellite internet connectivity.

It’s now easier than ever to stay connected while navigating international waters.

Starlink Maritime coverage reaches across the globe, so you can be sure that
no matter where your vessel is located, you’ll have access to reliable internet.

Truly revolutionizing communications at sea!

In Motion 50GB

Peak: Download 220 Mbps, Upload 40 Mbps
Expected: Download 60-250 Mbps, Upload 10-30 Mbps
Priority Access: 50 GB (Unlimited throttled Data @1 Mbps)
Service Level Priority: High

In Motion 1TB

Peak: Download 220 Mbps, Upload 40 Mbps
Expected: Download 60-250 Mbps, Upload 10-30 Mbps
Priority Access: 1000 GB (Unlimited throttled Data @1 Mbps)
Service Level Priority: High

In Motion 5TB

Peak: Download 220 Mbps, Upload 40 Mbps
Expected: Download 60-250 Mbps, Upload 10-30 Mbps
Priority Access: 5000 GB (Unlimited throttled Data @1 Mbps)
Service Level Priority: High

TM Starlink Portal

Our portal is a powerful and user-friendly online platform designed to enhance the overall Starlink experience for TM Starlink Customers and Users.

Seamless data access

Tototheo provides comprehensive live data to help you understand your network’s performance in detail, including bandwidth utilization, latency, and signal strength. With our easy-to-use interface, you can access this data quickly and effortlessly.

Optimization made easy

Tototheo makes it easier than ever to optimize your network utilization with automated recommendations on how to improve its performance. By leveraging our powerful real-time analytics engine, you can make the most out of your network resources.

Advanced Customization

Our advanced customization feature helps shape your Starlink connection to meet your unique data traffic needs. With TM Starlink Portal, you can customize everything from data transfer speeds and bandwidth to security settings and more, all from one centralized hub.

Proactive Notifications & Alerts

Designed to keep you at the forefront of system updates, maintenance schedules and service points. With this cutting-edge feature, you are guaranteed to stay on top of the latest developments and enhancements to your Starlink service.

Starlink Flat High Performance Kit

Easy to install hardware, it bears a small footprint, demands minimal above deck space, and comes with an easy-to-install mount.

Why choose
the Starlink Service

Tototheo Maritime can be trusted to deliver on crucial communications needs both onboard vessels or shore infrastructures.

Speeds that you can trust
Enjoy unparalleled internet speeds of up to 220 Mbps.
Latency that you can rely on
With an improved latency of 50ms, satellite connectivity reaches new levels of efficiency, enabling cutting edge technology at even remote regions. Technology which can improve decision making accuracy and operational effectiveness.
Versatile communications' channels
Increased connection availability and reliability is essential to meet ever-increasing needs for communication with family and friends, operations and business purposes.

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