Make Control Effortless

Get instant alerts with configurable thresholds set by you.
View the exact position and coordinates of your boat on Google map.
Live weather forecast data at your finger tips so you can plan your voyage efficiently and trouble-free.
Digital Twin Modelling
View all boat sensor data in one location including: Anemometers, Torquemeters, Hygrometer, GPS Speed, Log Speed, Position coordinates, Heading, Course and Rate of turn.
With our Analytics feature you can have better overview of your boat. View collected data from Weather, Torquemeter and Power vs Speed over different time ranges.
Deck Digital Mapping
Get an accurate, 3-D modelled representation of all the decks on your boat, including IoT sensor positions.
TM Synergia
Enhance your sailing experience with unique new insights and data driven decision making and optimisations through our add-on module, TM Synergia.

The Technology

TM Orama is a state-of-the-art remote monitoring and performance optimization solution for the yachting industry. Our platform uses multidimensional sensors to collect and send data enabled by ship-to-shore connectivity. The data is sent to our intuitive platform, where you can monitor and check boat status form a simple to use, desktop, table or mobile interface (Apple iOS optimised).

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