User Training

On-site training is delivered to selected members of the crew (as appointed by the Master) by the engineer performing the system commissioning. This training is intended to provide the crew with basic system understanding in order to enable them to use the system effectively

Basic Support and Troubleshooting training

This course will provide the appropriate persons within your organization to perform basic support and troubleshooting tasks in order to verify and/or resolve any reported issues. Participants must possess good IT knowledge prior entering this training course.

Installer Training

Only certified installers may commission the Fleet Xpress system. Tototheo experts will provide selected persons from your organization with the necessary theoretical and practical training in order to successfully complete the FX Classroom and On-The-Job training courses, required to independently install and commission FX systems for your fleet of vessels.

Training Videos

Short videos will be made available to authorized members of your organization. Such videos may last between 3-10 minutes and are mainly focused on guiding the user through the performance of specific tasks. Training videos are not meant to substitute any form of classroom training and should only serve as supporting tools for those persons having already followed at least one of the above training types.

If you are interested in participating in one of our training sessions contact us to find out the next scheduled training