TURNKEY solution package
supplied in one easy to install package.

The new TM AIS service comes as an add on to your existing TM Synergia subscription to provide you with an easy to install and use solution with enormous capabilities.

An entirely independent solution with no interference at all with current radio equipment onboard, the TM AIS antenna acts as a receiver only, broadcasting the vessel’s real-time positions as well as the position of other nearby vessels in the TM AIS range.

Offering a backup for when the vessel’s TM AIS is malfunctioning, TM AIS offers a revolutionary way to reliably and accurately track your ships.


Increased situational awareness

Realtime positions (as often as every 1 minute)

Sophisticated user access control

Remote management and configuration

AIS position feed to other platforms

No added subscription cost

Reliable backup solution

Low installation and maintenance costs due to simplicity of hardware and configuration.

TM AIS: Increased situational awareness in all its simplicity.