Your bridge management software with an
integrated AVCS charts display module,
giving full access to ECDIS.


Route Planner is a perfect complementary planning station to your ECDIS. Displaying all necessary data without cluttering the ECDIS screen. TM Navigator can plan the route according to ECDIS requirements and order all navigational data.

• Route Planning on UKHO Charts
• ECDIS Route Checking and Dangers Highlighting along the Route
• T&P Layer built from weekly Paper Notice to Mariners
• T&P and Navarea Warnings related to the Voyage
• Charts and Publications under the Route
• Vessel Positions displayed on the Chart

Outfit Management

Manage and display most of the required navigational data for safe and compliant navigation, including:

• On Board Chart Management
• On Board Outfit Management System
• UKHO Publication Corrections (Loose Leaf Service)
• Online Paper Charts Updating Module
• Technical Publications (TSO, IMO, OCIMF ...)
• Online AVCS Ordering and Updating Service
• UKHO Digital Publications Updates (ADP and e-NP)
• ISM Reports Module



TM Navigate provides full weather information for all your
needs in high quality data delivered by EPSON.

• Wind (speed and direction)
• Total Waves (speed, direction and period)
• Swell (speed, direction and period)
• Pressure
• Sea Temperature

• Current (speed and direction)
• 500hPa Geopotential height
• Sea Ice
• Visibility


• All Navarea warnings are available through TM Navigate displayed in a user friendly interface.

• Geo-referenced warnings are displayed on the map and a whole collection of them is visible in a separate table.

• The user can select them on map and check required information for the voyage.

ADP Official Services

1. Admirality Total Tide Overlay:

Available when ADMIRALTY Total Tide software is installed on the same computer where
TM Navigate is running. Gives all relevant tide and current data for passage planning,

• Tide Level Forecasts for Main and Secondary Stations
• Current Drift and Set Forecasts
• Tide and Current Stations plotted as overlay on the chart

2. AENP Management:

TM Navigate can purchase, update and display the ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications,
providing a fully integrated management of digital Sailing Directions and other
publications required for the voyage.

3. ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights

and Digital List of Radio Signals can be ordered using TM Navigate graphical catalogue.
Updates can be downloaded and easily installed in the ADP software.

Route Optimization

Route optimization tool helps the Captain to evaluate different route options, selecting the one with less sailing time in rough weather and with less fuel consumption. A detailed report comparing the planned route and the suggested one can be generated and printed.

Weather Forecast Data
Dangers and Safety Contours from installed ENCs
Ship Model Data


Pay As You Sail provides an effortless navigation for the mariners.

The vessel will be tracked and will be provided with a full AVCS PAYS FOLIO worldwide license, where all the charts of the world are included.

These charts will be installed on TM Navigate and the Master will have to select the geographical area they need, not to burden the ECDIS with too much data.

Once the Master extracts the permits from TM Navigate, using a USB stick, these permits will have to be installed onto the ECDIS, and the Master will be able to do the Passage Plan.

TM NGStick

No installation of any software is required on board. All necessary data required for safe & compliant navigation are available on the TM NGStick software.

• AVCS database
• Permits

Piracy Reports

Piracy reports module provides full piracy alert data from the International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB PRC). High Risk Areas and piracy attack reports are displayed on the chart.

Environmental Areas

TM Navigate is provided with an updated database of ECA and PSSA areas with the possibility to graphically display the areas on screen and to query info about area regulations.

Port to Port

With this module, you can get distances between ports whilst specifically requesting the shortest route or a route via the most commonly used routing points. The module creates a route in RTZ format which can be loaded in any ECDIS.

TM Naviflag

TM Naviflag provides you with direct access to up-to-date regulatory maritime information, in order to remain compliant with regulatory publications at all times. TM NaviFlag is embedded in TM Navigate software and is updated on a monthly basis.

TM Navigate helps your fleet navigate efficiently and safely.