Airtime Services

Tototheo Maritime provides customized satellite communication services with complete administration for maritime, land, and aviation customers.

Our long experience in satellite communications gives us unparalleled insight into our customers’ needs, and our expert technical background enables us to deliver precisely what is required.

Point of Service Activation

“Point-of-service activation” is process of registering a new or modified Inmarsat terminal, also known as a mobile earth station, for service on the Inmarsat network. Tototheo Maritime operates under the code PSA3001 and offers a complete range of PSA services: activation, deactivation, flag and vessel name changes, etc.

Accounting Authority

Tototheo customers can choose any satellite communication station for their communication needs and be guaranteed of global connectivity and quality service. We have airtime and service agreements with all major land stations (this term is used to cover both fixed land earth stations and coast stations), and we offer bulk volume discounted rates, including crew calling and hardware packages.