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Revolutionizing Seafarers’ Healthcare Access

Tototheo’s TM e-Health service is a groundbreaking healthcare solution designed specifically for the maritime industry. Our platform merges advanced onboard medical equipment with real-time video and data connections, linking ship-based crew members to expert doctors ashore.

Key Features:

  • CE Class IIa certified
  • HL7 Compatible, ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified
  • ISO27001 compliant
  • GDPR Compliant

Experience Unparalleled Onboard Healthcare
with Tototheo’s TM e-Health

State-of-the-Art Onboard Medical Devices

TM e-Health equips seafarers with a portable,
CE certified case co Electrocardiograph

  • Otoscope
  • Dermascope
  • Stethoscope
  • Glucometer
  • Thermometer
  • Ultrasound

Live Video Consultations

Leveraging our innovative video communication technology, seafarers can engage in real-time consultations with medical professionals on shore, ensuring accurate assessments and immediate treatment recommendations.

Encrypted Data Transmission

TM e-Health’s encrypted data link enables the efficient exchange of medical information between onboard patients and land-based healthcare providers, fostering informed decision-making and all-encompassing care.

Why choose Tototheo’s TM e-Health?

Elevating Seafarers’ Well-being with Comprehensive,
Accessible Healthcare Solutions at Sea

Improved Access to Healthcare
TM e-Health enables seafarers to access high-quality healthcare services regardless of their time or location. This ensures that crew members receive prompt medical attention whenever needed, contributing to their overall well-being.
Reduced Medical Emergencies
By providing comprehensive and continuous healthcare services, TM e-Health helps minimize the risk of medical emergencies that could jeopardize the crew's safety and the smooth operation of the vessel.

Timely Medical Interventions
With access to a network of expert doctors and specialists, TM e-Health provides crew members with the necessary medical support and guidance to maintain their health while at sea.

Cost-effective Healthcare
TM e-Health minimizes the need for expensive medical evacuations and facilitates preventive care, resulting in long-term savings for shipping companies.

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