The right ITSM  solution for Remote Management & Monitoring of your vessels’ IT infrastructure.

A tool designed to increase efficiency by being proactive. It can be integrated, but not limited to our onboard server. Our RMM solution enables our clients to have full control and automate repeated IT tasks.

TM RMM Features
Asset Discovery
Spend less time reconciling your assets. Automatically discover your network devices, deploy & detect their status, creating accountability & quick access to all managed devices.
Endpoint Management
Gain quick access to each endpoint you manage so you can resolve issues fast & keep downtime to a minimum even without interrupting the end user.
Keep your systems and devices up to date and secure. Centrally configure & deploy Windows and third-party security patches. Generate reports of your devices patching level compliance.
Remote monitoring & management. Know and resolve issues before they happen.
Automate repetitive tasks for a more efficient workflow & fix problems as as they occur.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Discover problems before they arise in a proactive approach
  • Easy to deploy & integrates with numerous 3rd party solutions
  • Resolve issues without interrupting the end user
  • Customizable & modular catering any infrastructure
  • Trusted & reliable solution

Invest more time in high-value tasks by automating more of the technical work