The right ITSM  solution for Remote Management & Monitoring of your vessels’ IT infrastructure.

A tool designed to increase efficiency by being proactive. It can be integrated, but not limited to our onboard server. Our RMM solution enables our clients to have full control and automate repeated IT tasks.

TM RMM Features
Asset Discovery
Spend less time reconciling your assets. Automatically discover your network devices, deploy & detect their status, creating accountability & quick access to all managed devices.

Discover Assets on Any Network Powered by Network Probe Technology, TM RMM gives you visibility with automated network scans that deliver the most current record of supported systems and devices.

Automate Agent Deployments TM RMM Network Probe Technology goes beyond asset discovery by automating agent deployment to your supported endpoints. It’s ideal for workgroup environments, plus an excellent alternative for Active Directory Group Policies

Two Types of Asset Inventory TM RMM provides both agent and agentless asset inventory. Visibility into virtual machines as well as other network devices helps align standards and support for easier device management.

Endpoint Management
Gain quick access to each endpoint you manage so you can resolve issues fast & keep downtime to a minimum even without interrupting the end user.

Desktop & Server Management TM RMM Computer Screen puts a powerhouse of data, including at-a-glance inventory and over 100 out-of-the-box commands for both desktop and service management. Plus, it allows you to combine simple commands and convert them into automation.

Manage Infrastructure As you adopt more virtualization technology, TM RMM Integrated Virtualization Manager is ready to help. Powered by network probe technology, it provides six commands for agentless infrastructure management of Hyper-V® and VMWare®

Support Vessels Users As your vessels travel the world you can provide reliable support. With TM RMM, your IT team can quickly get users back up and running from anywhere.

Keep your systems and devices up to date and secure. Centrally configure & deploy Windows and third-party security patches. Generate reports of your devices patching level compliance.

Secure your vessels computers Vulnerabilities don’t end at Servers and Workstations. Easily manage third-party patching to close additional vulnerabilities and keep your computers secure with TM RMM

Remote monitoring & management. Know and resolve issues before they happen.

Remote Control Sessions TM RMM provides a single source of monitoring and reporting for remote control sessions, so you know which of your team members connected remotely, and for exactly how long. You can even provide access to your third-party vendors and with TM RMM extended auditing you’re always prepared when you should require an audit

Desktops and Servers TM RMM provides a single source of truth for monitoring agent and agentless devices. Out-of-the-box solutions are preconfigured for best practice monitoring, with customization options so your team can control the volume

Prevent Issues Proactively monitoring the activity of the devices you manage and automating issue notification and resolution allows you to stop small issues before they become larger problems

Be Informed Understanding what’s happening on your vessels is key to ensuring a well-performing environment.

Automate repetitive tasks for a more efficient workflow & fix problems as as they occur.

Find & Fix IT issues faster than users can report them With TM RMM, you can streamline desktop and server management, out-of-the-box script functions, and automated time entries. You can manage multiple devices, perform proactive maintenance, and even offer self-service options for end users.

Maximum Productivity Do more than just automate endpoints. You can delegate administrative tasks such as emailing scheduled reports, generating random passwords, updating custom data fields and running direct SQL

Agentless Remote Management Out-of-the-box script functions allow you to automate agentless SSH-enabled and Telnet-enabled devices, such as routers, switches, and certain IoT hardware


  • User-friendly interface
  • Discover problems before they arise in a proactive approach
  • Easy to deploy & integrates with numerous 3rd party solutions
  • Resolve issues without interrupting the end user
  • Customizable & modular catering any infrastructure
  • Trusted & reliable solution

Invest more time in high-value tasks by automating more of the technical work