Dedicated to Keeping Your Bridge Equipment Ship-shape

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) refers to the communications equipment used onboard ship when emergencies strike, as well as the worldwide network of automated emergency communications for ships at sea. The GMDSS is one of the most important pieces of technology on any bridge. When a shipowner files a Declaration of Shore-Based Maintenance (SBM), the equipment listed in the declaration is covered by Regulation IV/15 of the 1988 GMDSS amendments to the 1974 SOLAS.

The same agreement recommends that authorized and technically capable companies be responsible for taking care of your GMDSS systems, and Tototheo Maritime provides warranty and post-warranty repair service for maritime communications and navigation products, as well as repairs of land communication systems. We specialize in doing annual performance tests on your voyage data recorders, overhauling your ship’s gyrocompass, and doing maintenance and service on your remote magnetic compass.

Our Services
Radio Safety Survey (GMDSS)
We perform annual radio safety surveys, as required by the provisions of the SOLAS agreement, on virtually any make and model of GMDSS equipment. Radio surveys are a set of testing services to verify and confirm your vessel’s readiness and safety for navigation in the appropriate sea area. We ensure that your ship is fit to sail without the danger to the ship or the people on board.
VDR Annual Performance Test
We perform annual performance tests (APTs), in compliance with SOLAS requirements, on a wide variety of voyage data recorders, including Beijing Highlander, Danelec, Furuno, JRC, Netwave, Rutter, SAM, Samsung, Sperry and Transas. We can even monitor your service records and send you a reminder three months before the next renewal date, so you can make the moct cost-effective decision for the next service arrangement.
Gyro Overhauls
Your gyrocompass is one of the most important instruments on your ship, and its maintenance is critical. Tototheo Maritime performs the required annual overhauls on a wide variety of gyrosm including Anschutz, C Plath, Sperry, Tokyo Keiki and Yokogawa.
Remote Magnetic Compass
Non-digital conventional equipment like magnetic compasses need to be maintained so that their deviation is within acceptable limits, in accordance with SOLAS guidelines. Tototheo’s remote magnetic compaass adjustment is done by some of the most skilled technicians in the industry.

Our global service-and-support team can handle any technical request—no matter where you are in the world