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Transform your Onboard Entertainment with Tototheo’s Innovative Wireless Video-on-Demand Technology

Revolutionize your onboard entertainment options with our innovative wireless video-on-demand technology. Tototheo’s TM VOD service provides access to movies, news, live channels, and a variety of other content through a simple installation of a central server.

Uninterrupted Entertainment Onboard with Tototheo’s TM VOD

Enjoy Uninterrupted Entertainment, Anywhere

Thanks to the internal wireless infrastructure, stored content is streamed directly to devices, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment at all times. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) compatibility means that crew members can use their own smartphones, tablets, laptops/desktop to watch movies on TM VOD.

Easy to Use and Setup

TM VOD is easy to install and requires minimal equipment, giving your crew access to an extensive database of 100 movies from the last 3 years. · TM VOD provides English audio, as well as a variety of subtitles, catering to a diverse range of language preferences.

Seamless Streaming Experience

Say goodbye to buffering and lag with Tototheo’s TM VOD, your crew can enjoy seamless movie viewing experiences wherever they are. It’s compatible with Safari (for Apple MacOS, IOS) and Google Chrome based (for Windows, Android) browsers, making it accessible on a variety of devices.

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Why choose Tototheo’s TM VOD?

Enhancing Seafarers’ Well-Being:
Discover the benefits of Video on Demand for crew members onboard ships

Long voyages can be monotonous and isolating for crew members. Having access to a diverse selection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries through Tototheo’s TM VOD platforms can help them stay entertained, making the journey more enjoyable.
Social Interaction
Watching movies or TV shows together can facilitate social interaction and bonding among crew members, helping to build stronger relationships and improve teamwork onboard.

Mental Health
The mental well-being of crew members is crucial for their overall productivity and safety. TM VOD can provide a healthy distraction from the stress of work and the isolation of being away from family and friends.

Educational Opportunities
TM VOD offers a wide range of informative and educational content. Crew members can use this content to expand their knowledge and skills, helping them grow professionally and personally.

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