Tototheo’s [email protected] is a bandwidth management and optimis­ation solution, especially designed and developed to reduce the costs of business and crew communications. The software is developed in-house and installed in an industrial grade embedded device.

It is the ideal way of managing advanced maritime satellite communications systems such as Fleetbroadband, Iridium and VSAT without limitation. With our solution you will experience easy and efficient crew member access via friendly web interfaces & security profiles.

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  • GPS Positioning
  • Data Transmission & Synchronisation
  • Crew email & Internet access with compression & caching
  • Fleet-wide Central Management
  • Advanced Firewall Capabilities
  • Data Acquisition
  • TCP/IP Compression & Encryption
  • Email Server / Prioritisation
  • Traffic monitoring & Alerts
  • Automated Logs & Reports
  • Antivirus & Spam Filtering

An all-in-one solution for easy and intuitive way of communication. Contact us to discover the [email protected] difference