The importance of connecting ports, vessel and people

The theme for IMO World Maritime Day 2017 was Connecting ShipsPorts and People. Our Joint CEO, Despina was asked to address the recent Capital Link Conference in Athens on this very topic.

She put forward that in todays connected world it is of more importance than ever before to consider how we treat our people.

Connectivity means we now have the ability to support those at sea allowing decisions to be made with data and with facts.

However, technology alone has limited boundaries, it is actually by empowering people through this we reach beyond what was previously possible.

The efficiency of a vessel still revolves around the capabilities of the people on-board.

Not only this, shipping, or rather the seaborne part of shipping, is just one part of the supply and logistics chains that make up the global flow of goods.

Information transparency leads to better informed decisions for all stakeholders and better shipping operations now require commercial connectivity among multiple stakeholders.

Ports and vessels, people and vessels, ports and people must all be connected to create more effective working environments.

At Tototheo Maritime, we have created the industry’s first commercial Port CDM solution (Perseus Port CDM) through our sister company, Marine-Fields, for this very reason.

Perseus Port CDM is an open digital infrastructure for standardising message exchanges, creating safe and secure digital interaction and improved situational awareness.

By creating collaborative decision-making, ports will be able to better plan the arrival and smooth handling of modern vessels.

Indeed, it is a testament to how valued this people-centered collaborative approach is that Tototheo Maritime have been nominated for the Smart4Sea Connectivity Award for our work in making innovation and connectivity produce real benefits for the maritime community.

This is something we see as only growing in importance and commercial relevance. Shipping no longer disappears over the horizon when a ship sails from a port.

It is now part of an integrated society where collaboration, and communication form a new strength to global commerce.

It is vital people, ships and ports must be connected with each other in ways that enhances our opportunities and supports our people to achieve ever better results in safer, more secure working environments.