Up to 220 Mbps
Download Speed

Up to 40 Mbps
Upload Speed



Starlink 5TB Mobility Plan: Core of our Bundles

Complimentary 2-Month Starlink Trial: Experience seamless connectivity with the Starlink 5TB In Motion plan, entirely free for up to 2 months.

Custom-Tailored for Merchant Ships: Specifically designed for merchant vessels currently not equipped with Starlink, offering a unique chance to upgrade your connectivity onboard.

Maximize Performance: Leverage the power of high-speed, dependable internet to boost your maritime operations.


Starlink & FortiGate Bundle: Fortified Connectivity and Security

Free 2-month Trial and Flexible Commitment Options: Start with a free 2-month trial with the Starlink 5TB In Motion Plan as above & FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall. After the trial, you can either return the equipment or commit to a 10-month plan. If you choose to continue with the 10-month plan, the FortiGate hardware will remain free for the duration of this period.

Revolutionary Combination:
FortiGate enhances Starlink’s high-speed internet with robust security measures, protecting your maritime communications.


Starlink All-in-One Secure Connectivity

Our most comprehensive bundle yet, combining the Starlink 5TB In Motion Plan, FortiGate Next- Generation Firewall, and TM RMM monitoring into one package. Designed for merchant vessels seeking the highest level of connectivity, security, and operational efficiency at sea.

Flexible Commitment Options: Choose between returning the equipment or committing to a 10-month plan after trial and continue to use FortiGate next generation firewall & TM RMM for free during this period.


How to claim the exclusive free trial?

Image Eligibility Check: Ensure your vessel has a valid IMO number and no existing Starlink kit onboard.
Image Easy Sign-Up: Complete all necessary information by March 1st, 2024.
Image Seamless Activation: Get your kit approved and activated by April 30th, 2024, for an uninterrupted high-speed internet experience at sea.

    Claim your Free Trial

    Access the technology of tomorrow today!

    Please note Terms & Conditions apply

    Key Details for Your
    Starlink Demo Experience

    Please note Terms & Conditions apply

    Image The Starlink demo comes with a free two-month subscription on the 5TB plan.
    Image This demo is tailored specifically for merchant ships therefore you have to provide the vessel's IMO number.
    Image Please note that the Starlink Kit is required for this demo. You can return it within 30 days post-demo for a full refund.
    Image You will be responsible for the secure installation of the Starlink Kit. Our straightforward installation guide ensures a hassle-free setup process.

    TM Starlink Portal

    Our portal is a powerful and user-friendly online platform designed to enhance the overall Starlink experience for TM Starlink Customers and Users.

    Seamless data access

    Tototheo provides comprehensive live data to help you understand your network’s performance in detail, including bandwidth utilization, latency, and signal strength. With our easy-to-use interface, you can access this data quickly and effortlessly.

    Optimization made easy

    Tototheo makes it easier than ever to optimize your network utilization with automated recommendations on how to improve its performance. By leveraging our powerful real-time analytics engine, you can make the most out of your network resources.

    Advanced Customization

    Our advanced customization feature helps shape your Starlink connection to meet your unique data traffic needs. With TM Starlink Portal, you can customize everything from data transfer speeds and bandwidth to security settings and more, all from one centralized hub.

    Proactive Notifications & Alerts

    Designed to keep you at the forefront of system updates, maintenance schedules and service points. With this cutting-edge feature, you are guaranteed to stay on top of the latest developments and enhancements to your Starlink service.

    Why choose Tototheo as your Starlink provider

    A game-changer for global connectivity

    Unmatched Speed and

    With download speeds of up to 220 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 40 Mbps, keep your operations efficient and connected.

    The Best of Starlink

    With the In Motion 5TB Plan, witness the peak performance of Starlink’s capabilities.

    Expert Support

    Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

    It’s now easier than ever to stay connected while navigating international waters.

    Starlink Maritime coverage reaches across the globe, so you can be sure that
    no matter where your vessel is located, you’ll have access to reliable internet.

    Truly revolutionizing communications at sea!

    In Motion 50GB

    Peak: Download 220 Mbps, Upload 40 Mbps
    Expected: Download 60-250 Mbps, Upload 10-30 Mbps
    Priority Access: 50 GB (Unlimited throttled Data @1 Mbps)
    Service Level Priority: High

    In Motion 1TB

    Peak: Download 220 Mbps, Upload 40 Mbps
    Expected: Download 60-250 Mbps, Upload 10-30 Mbps
    Priority Access: 1000 GB (Unlimited throttled Data @1 Mbps)
    Service Level Priority: High

    In Motion 5TB

    Peak: Download 220 Mbps, Upload 40 Mbps
    Expected: Download 60-250 Mbps, Upload 10-30 Mbps
    Priority Access: 5000 GB (Unlimited throttled Data @1 Mbps)
    Service Level Priority: High

    Starlink Flat High Performance Kit

    Easy to install hardware, it bears a small footprint, demands minimal above deck space, and comes with an easy-to-install mount.