Tototheo Maritime takes your privacy seriously.

Our Privacy Policy applies to information and data collected on our website or through our products by Tototheo Maritime and its affiliated partners. We only use your personal data for the purpose it is collected for and it is not shared with any third parties without your knowledge and consent. When you visit our website you do so with the knowledge that cookies are collected (provided this feature is enabled on your device) in order to make the navigation through the website possible. Tototheo Maritime do not request by default any identifiable information. In certain cases, such as for the creation of an account for our products and services, we may require specific information from you, such as your name, email address and others – and may use this information to help verify your identity, for any necessary correspondence, or to help us deliver our services to you.

Your personal data is protected with us and is encrypted utilizing state of the art technologies to keep it safe. Any personal data that we collect, process and store on you is in accordance with European Law and specifically with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016.

Further below it is explained how Tototheo Maritime collects, controls and process any of your personal data and/or information.

We use any collected data to improve those products and services, provide support and other appropriate services, send technical notifications about relevant products and services, conduct market research, send commercial information regarding new products and services or updates related to existing products and services.

We use data that can identify you, called personal data, to:

  • Enable you to purchase products and services, obtain access to services and engage in offered activities;
  • Provide you with information about new and upgraded products and services, and other information you may have requested;
  • Alert you if we offer any new products and/or services
  • Send newsletters, informative emails or other information regarding Tototheo Maritime; and
  • Inform you about special offers and/or opportunities, including offers relating to third-party products and services from our partners and/or affiliates.

You can be assured that we protect the data and/or information we collect. Any personal data and/or information submitted through the website contact forms or through any of our platforms is strictly protected by appropriate technical and organizational measures such as data encryption to help keep your information secure and current. Organizational security measures to protect your personal data are governed by secure internal organizational policies, processes and controls. Only authorized personnel have access to the collection, processing and storing of your personal data.

We collect data and/or information in two ways:

  1. when you provide us with information upon request through our contact form;
  2. when you use our website by accepting automatic collection through the use of cookies.

Tototheo Maritime uses internet cookies to facilitate easier navigation throughout the website and increase visitor convenience as well as security. A pop up warning window will appear on your screen to notify you of the usage of cookies.

Cookies used by Tototheo Maritime do not retrieve any personal information or any information from the visitor’s computer.

Some of the information we collect, known as personal data, can be used to identify you. An example of personal data might be your name or email address.

Some personal data we only collect when you provide it to us and this may happen when you create a user account for any of our services, sign up for our newsletter or to receive other communications from us, request to be provided with any of our products or services (including placing an order or requesting customer and technical support) or request to be provided with information relating to any of our products and services. The information we collect and process accordingly may include your full name, address, email address, telephone number, country.  Such information will be stored and used only for the legitimate business purposes applicable and any other purposes for which you may give your consent for.

Cookies from our websites pose no risk to your computer as they are not executable programs but just text files. We use cookies to create a user-friendly experience for you when you are web browsing. We also use cookies for web tracking, market research and statistical purposes only. This forms the basis of your personalized content and user experience on our website. If the file is stored, our webserver can recognize your terminal. Next time you visit our website or when you switch between functions requiring you to enter a password, the cookie can save you time re-entering such information. This is how cookies make it easier for you to use websites requiring user input. Additionally, cookies can help us offer you the most personalized, optimized browsing experience.

We use session cookies, which are deleted when you end your browser session. Any cookies remaining (not deleted) do not hold any personal data. .

Opting out of the usage of cookies as well as the possibility to store or delete cookies following the end of your browsing session, can be performed by adjusting the settings of your browser on your device.

Sometimes browsing history or search history contains terms that might identify you. If we become aware that part of your browsing history might identify you, we will treat that portion of your history as personal data, and will anonymize this information. We may also aggregate and/or anonymize personal data we collect about you. For instance, although we would consider your precise location to be personal data if stored separately, if we combined the locations of our users into a data set that could only tell us how many users were located in a particular country, we would not consider this aggregated information to be personally identifiable.

Tototheo Maritime does not share, sell, or otherwise transmit any information, personal or otherwise, collected through the website, platforms, or through correspondence, with any third without your knowledge and prior consent. We only use your personal data for the purpose it is collected for and for any other purpose you give your express consent to. Some of our services (e.g. newsletter subscriptions, mailing lists, enquiries, social media, etc.) give you the opportunity to store and / or share your personal information with us.

We only connect with social media companies, which are GDPR (or of equivalent legislation, process and policies, and standards) Compliant.

Any personal data we obtain from social media is given by the data subjects consent and it is used only for interaction within the social media account. E.g. a data subject may follow us / connect with us / subscribe to us on a social media account to receive / view video clips, photos, news on products and service updates, information about the company or connect to our websites via a social media link or interact with us in a chat room. All these actions are only conducted with the data subjects consent via voluntary actions and are subject to the terms and conditions of the specific social media platform. Tototheo is in no way liable for any handling of personal data done through any social medial platform.

You have the right to ask us about the personal data we process about you, the purpose and nature of the processing.

You have the right to access, request that we update, correct, or delete (assuming that this does not impact the services we are providing to you) your personal data at any time unless there is a legal requirement imposed on us by the competent authorities within the countries we operate in, to keep your personal data.

Please note that we may reject requests which are contrary to any applicable regulation and/or legislation. Unless you request deletion of your personal data following the termination of our business relation, we may keep your personal data for up to two (2) years following such termination (but we typically keep your personal data no longer than is reasonably necessary given the purposes for which the data was collected).

You have the right to opt out of the use or collection of certain data by us, including personal data and non-personal data, by choosing not to agree to the use of cookies.

You have the right to opt-out of receiving our email newsletters, bulletins, or other information at any time by setting your own sharing preferences or following the applicable unsubscribe process outlined in the communications you receive from us.

You have the right to expect us to protect your personal data and keep it safe. We work hard to protect your personal data and/or information from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of the information we hold. In particular:

  • we abide by this Privacy Policy at all times with respect to all personal data that we collect from you;
  • we limit the use and disclosure of your personal data, and work to ensure that anyone with whom we share such information, following your consent or relevant regulatory requirements, treats that information with the privacy and security it deserves;
  • we have put in place industry-accepted physical, technical and administrative practices to safeguard and secure the information we collect.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, and will indicate the date the Privacy Policy was most recently updated. If there have been significant changes, that shall affect the way we process your personal data we will highlight any such changes on this webpage and through other communication medium (emails) and will attempt to directly alert you when reasonably possible to receive your consent.

We have changed our privacy policy to reflect compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

If have any questions about this policy or any of the above, please email us at [email protected].