Ocean Guardian is a digital tool that provides shipboard operators with immediate access to environmental regulations around the world. The software matches a vessel’s location to a proprietary global regulatory database, and the simple user interface provides immediate access to thousands of regulations worldwide.

Developed by Total Marine Solutions (TMS), Ocean Guardian removes the guesswork from environmental compliance, providing operators with immediate and accurate information on regulations pertaining to a specific location. And now, TMS and Tototheo Maritime are proud to announce a strategic sales partnership agreement in which Tototheo will act as exclusive sales agent and customer service representative for Ocean Guardian in the Republic of Cyprus.

This remarkable package offers:
Data on demand
Environmental operations planning
Simple red, yellow, green discharge notifications
24/7 service and support


The administration portal is the heart of Ocean Guardian. It houses the regulatory database, extensive reporting features, and detailed operational functions. The portal is designed to enhance communication and access to environmental information for fast and intelligent decision-making.

Ocean Guardian uses a verified and vetted database of international, national, regional, ports, as well as company regulations. It has a configurable workflow to maintain and deploy rules, offers a robust audit trail, and gives you real-time visibility of environmental operations and alarms as well as immediate access to regulations for individual vessels.

Our software integrates with web-based voyage planning tools, provides port contact information and capabilities, and details port-specific environmental regulations. It also enhances communication between vessel and shoreside operations teams.


Ocean Guardian adds a first-in-class environmental element to Tototheo Maritime’s offering of satellite connectivity and digital solutions. Tototheo has always been focused on technology and operations optimization, and Ocean Guardian will provide customers with an environmental regulation tool like none other in the market.

With Tototheo’s mission of working with shipowners and operators to help them comply with the ever-changing regulations related to environmental protection, and TMS’s commitment to customer service and consistent, reliable support, Ocean Guardian is uniquely able to address today’s complex regulatory environment.

Simple easy-to-use program for operators to access the latest environmental regulations