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Iridium Certus is optimized for all aspects of shipboard operations, from simple email to the complex management of onboard sensor systems. Certus provides a superior backbone for crew welfare, messaging, and phone calls. Vessels with VSAT systems can supplement service with the powerful hybrid solutions available through Iridium for areas where VSAT is challenged by congestion, coverage, or regulations. Iridium Certus is also an excellent choice for commercial fishing operations.

It’s able to handle catch information, monitor weather, and communicate across fleets in any region of the world. Large catch processors with VSATs can augment their existing platforms with the global coverage of the Iridium network, which extends far beyond existing VSAT footprints.

In addition, yachts, sailboats, and other recreational vessels can now benefit from the global connectivity, high quality, and value of Iridium Certus’s high-speed L-band connectivity. Research vessels, scientific ships, seismic ships, coast guard cutters, ice breakers, and other government ships also rely on the Iridium network for low-latency communications around the world.

Certus gives you the power you need
High Speed L-Band -Anywhere on Earth
Iridium Certus offers superior connectivity for maritime customers.

Iridium Certus offers superior connectivity for maritime customers, whether used as a standalone service or as a complement to existing VSAT services. Certus offers a selection of service classes starting at 88 Kb/s and ranging up to 700 Kb/s, with eventual speeds up to 1.4 Mb/s.

L-band is the lowest frequency commonly available for maritime satellite communications, and it is unaffected by weather conditions—which means that the Iridium signal can penetrate clouds, fog, and rain better than higher frequency Ka- and Ku-band signals.

All in a single, robust, marine-grade terminal.
Iridium Certus customers receive three high-definition voice lines, high-speed IP data and streaming, packet data service (Iridium Short Burst Data), and safety services—all in a single, robust, marine-grade terminal.
Global and reliable
Iridium Certus offers superior connectivity for maritime customers.
The low-Earth-orbit Iridium constellation consists of six orbital planes, with eleven satellites in each plane. Satellites provide connectivity as they “fly over” users anywhere on the planet, including coverage in the extreme latitudes and throughout the polar regions. Iridium Certus routes traffic in space, ensuring that all areas, including the polar A4 zones, benefit from low-latency, high-speed, and always-on connections.
Excellent value
Iridium Certus provides greater performance than other L-band options
Iridium Certus provides greater performance than other L-band options, and Iridium Certus maritime terminals and airtime are available at competitive rates to allow for a rapid return on investment. The small form-factor and lightweight equipment ensures ease of installation and a streamlined upgrade path from existing service.

Now, for the first time in maritime mobile satellite communications, a truly superior connectivity alternative is available.