TM DCR is an integrated end-to-end solution for advanced ship and fleet operational and environmental performance monitoring and analysis.

DCR automates and places shipping companies in control of their data collection and processing, providing high end analysis and compliance with International, Regional and National Rules and Regulations.

It seamlessly connects the ship’s crew with their technical and nautical departments in the office thus allowing them to perform analytics and statistics across a number of parameters relating to one ship or a whole fleet.

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Features of TM DCR

Vessel Tracking

Vessel Tracking platform with multiple position inputs from vessels (L-Band, AIS, Satellite AIS, Manual reporting) and 3rd Party with actual ATA, ATD values and locations

Weather Feed

Weather Feed – Embedded Professional weather with recording functionality for each position received

Environmental Services

Environmental Services such as CO2, SOx and NOx emissions measurements and Environmental Internal Reporting and Statistics

Operations Reports

Operations reporting and analytics

Consumption Reports

Consumption reports and analytics


MRV & IMO DCS reporting with pre-verification eliminating unnecessary problems during verification – verification eliminating unnecessary problems during verification.

why choose TM DCR
  • Administrative burden reduction (both onboard and ashore)
  • Optimized vessel/fleet performance through advance analytics and insights
  • Operational expenses reduction
  • Operational data conversion to real business value
  • Effortless regulatory compliance with both EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations
  • Infrastructure ready to complement any future needs for automated reporting

The TM DCR has been designed and developed to facilitate the transition of the shipping industry into the Digital Era