Introduction of Inmarsat C Monthly Access Fee

We would like to bring to your attention some updates and changes as announced by Inmarsat on the Inmarsat-C service.

The next-generation L-band satellites, the first of which is scheduled to launch in 2021, will continue to support Inmarsat C; thereby ensuring your vessels retain access to crucial services such as distress reporting, tracking, messaging and data reporting.

In order to maintain the ongoing delivery and maintenance of the highly-reliable Inmarsat C service, from 6th July 2020 Inmarsat will be introducing a Monthly Access Fee for each registered Inmarsat C terminal.

This monthly fee is intended to enable Inmarsat to maintain the high-level of reliability, resilience and quality that you have become accustomed to from the Inmarsat C network and help maintain both Inmarsat’s and the Land Earth Station Operator’s (LESO) Inmarsat C support networks.

Our role as your trusted Point of Service Activation (PSA) will not change, however the process will be updated to accommodate the selection of the preferred LESO. The Service Activation Request Form (SARF) will be updated with a field to indicate the preferred LESO for the terminal. This field will be mandatory from the 6th July and optional from the end of April.

Inmarsat has been very diligent to ensure this does not change any relationships in the Inmarsat C provisioning, billing or support process and ensures that GMDSS and Safety services over Inmarsat C are not affected.

Please note that there remains no charge for the distress alert in the event of an emergency.

For further information about how these changes affect you we recommend you review the Frequently Asked Questions and contact [email protected].