Tototheo Maritime and CAIM have entered into an agreement whereas Tototheo Maritime shall promote and distribute CAIM’s range of products and services. Tototheo Maritime, being a leading maritime technologies provider, will be integrating CAIM’s applications into their portfolio, offering to its customers a comprehensive solution for their digital needs.

“We partnered with CAIM as we felt our approach to the market is similar and we are confident that this cooperation will be mutually beneficial”, said Tototheo Maritime Chief Commercial Officer, Constantinos Spyrou. “Our goal is to support our customers in managing their assets and optimizing every aspect of their operations. With the additional applications we will incorporate into our existing solutions, we are moving further towards fleet and voyage optimization”, he continued.

CAIM, a leading provider of charts and electronic publications has successfully introduced NaviGate, a Back of the Bridge solution, to the market. “Partnering with Tototheo Maritime is another major milestone in providing our services to the maritime industry” explained Philippe Kah and Simona Risso from CAIM. Mr. Kah pointed out that NaviGate’s functions will be expanded with PortToPort multi leg voyages creation flag states circulars management in April 2020. These modules further enhance the efficiency on board and ashore.