Tototheo proud sponsors of summer lectures

Tototheo Maritime was a proud sponsor of summer lectures. The lectures took place in Aikaterini Laskaridi in Athens from 9th of July till 24th of July. The lectures were intended for third year & post-graduate maritime students in order to provide them with an expert knowledge of the day-to-day operational management of ships and shipping companies from industry lead experts.

9th of July – Commodities & Ship Chartering

Speakers & participants had the opportunity to discuss about the types of cargo, their routes and the chartering procedures.

11th of July – Marine & Cargo Insurance

What is the role of marine insurance and what are the risks in the shipping industry, what are the types of marine insurance? These were some of the questions answered during the session.

16th of July – Funding of Shipping Companies

A more in-depth knowledge was provided to the participants about the sources of funding and the challenges shipping companies are facing in raising these funds.

17th of July – Ship Operations and Office Management

The session focused on the modern challenges of operational ship management, the importance of the operations department in a shipping company and the link between the ship ashore and the office at shore.

22nd of July – The Human Element in the Shipping Industry

What is the role of the Human Element in the shipping industry? In this session the speakers presented different components such as, the crew’s physical and mental health, safety culture at sea, and the role of the human element in marine pollution.

24th of July – Ship Inspections

The session begun with highlighting how important it is for a shipping company to maintain and inspect a ship for it to travel safely.  The speakers noted the significance of Port State Control inspections for vessel safety whereas flag inspections focus on the vessel’s equipment as well as safety.