Cobham SATCOM – Coming changes in the SOLAS performance standards for NAVTEX and EGC

This to inform you that on 1 July 2019 two new IMO resolutions will come into force. The resolutions will have consequences for new installations of the SAILOR 6390 and 6391 NAVTEX receiver and SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS system.

This partner briefing will give you an update on the present status on these resolutions and the related actions from Cobham SATCOM.

Adding Bridge Alert Management (BAM) to equipment is built on a set of well-defined interface sentences and alert functions in the equipment. To get the full benefit of BAM, the bridge equipment concerned is to be interfaced to the Central Alarm Management (CAM) device from which the different bridge alarms can be managed.

It is important to notice that installation of a CAM device is not a requirement, why implementation of BAM support in the different bridge systems is a preparation for central alarm management, if installed.

Up until now, BAM support has not been required for communication equipment, but with the two resolutions mentioned above BAM will be implemented in the first communication devices.

From 1 July 2019, new installations of NAVTEX receivers are to be in compliance with the IMO resolution MSC430(98): AMENDMENTS TO THE REVISED PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR NARROW-BAND DIRECT-PRINTING TELEGRAPH EQUIPMENT FOR THE RECEPTION OF NAVIGATIONAL AND METEOROLOGICAL WARNINGS AND URGENT INFORMATION TO SHIPS (NAVTEX) (RESOLUTION MSC.148(77), concerning availability of an interface for Bridge Alert Management on NAVTEX receivers.

The SAILOR 6390/6391 NAVTEX receiver is already compliant, and the MED certificate is being updated to include compliance with the relevant IMO resolutions MSC.302(87) and MSC.430(98).

The SAILOR 6390/6391 supports the related communication on both the LAN interface 61162-450 and the serial interface 61162-1.

Also from 1 July 2019, new installations of EGC receivers (mini-C systems) are to be in compliance with IMO resolution MSC431(98) AMENDMENTS TO THE REVISED PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR ENCHANCED GROUP CALL (ECG) EQUIPMENT (RESOLUTION MSC.306(87), concerning availability of an interface for Bridge Alert Management on EGC receivers, and an interface for transfer of received data to other navigation display or integrated communication equipment.

Publication of the amended test standard for BAM on EGC (IEC 61097-4/AMD2 ED3) is running very late (expected 28 June 2019). However, after receiving a clear indication of the requirement in the coming amendment to the test standard, Cobham SATCOM immediately started adding the new features. This means compliant software, as well as the new SAILOR 6110, will be ready no later than October 2019.

With the new software installed, the SAILOR 6110 will support BAM on the serial interface 61162-1. Furthermore, intuitive and user friendly alert handling is being developed for the SAILOR control unit SAILOR 6018.

Both existing and new 6110 installations with the Data Terminal SAILOR 6018 can be updated by installing the new software.

If you have any questions or require more information in relation to implementation of BAM on NAVTEX and EGC please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].