SMART4SEA Connectivity Award

Tototheo Maritime would like to thank everyone who voted for us, we are deeply honoured to have been nominated and truly privileged to have won the SMART4SEA Connectivity Award.

In the very long history of shipping, connectivity is a relatively new notion. We fully stand by and share our Chief Commercial Officer’s, Constantinos Spyrou, words: “Within a single generation we have seen satellite communications for the maritime industry launched, evolve and become a key driver for change in a connected world. This evolution is happening quickly and we must embrace it along with the changes and the potential that it brings with it. Tototheo is a dynamic company and as such is not only keeping up with these developments but is also initiating them. We do so with our core values in mind, this global evolution of connectivity does not mean we should forget how this all started. Our values are shaped from being a family founded company, and having the openness and sincerity that form the basis for success in today’s world. We at Tototheo have worked hard to encourage our industry to understand the benefits of change, of transformation and we will continue in our role as a facilitator, a partner, an initiator.”

This award comes as validation of our unique people-focused approach to innovation. Our team is more motivated than ever to bring even greater efficiency and connectivity solutions to our industry.